Sugaring – Natural Facial Hair Removal

As we are becoming ever more careful about the products we eat and drink, we are also reconsidering the products we use on our skin – especially delicate areas like our faces.

Natural facial hair removal has become a real challenge. With new health scares appears in the news every day, we are looking for natural products to reduce the risks caused by chemical and artificial ingredients.

This awareness of the risks posed to our health by artificial ingredients has moved into facial and skincare products. There is a rapid rise in popularity of skincare products that are free of parabens and other chemicals.

Sugaring offers one of the most natural facial hair removal options – but you should be careful to make sure you use the right one, as some products contain lemon juice or other chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Sugar Strip Ease offers 100% natural hair removal, guaranteed, with a wide range of extra benefits:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No parabens, resins or chemicals
  • A specialist blend of sugar syrup and water provides the gentlest and smoothest natural hair removal
  • Sugar StripEase causes no damage to skin as it attaches to the hair rather than the skin
  • Our natural formulation has skin softening qualities
  • Unlike many sugaring products, Sugar StripEase is formulated without the lemon juice to avoid any risk of skin irritation. This leaves the skin with the same smooth finish as with any other sugaring product.

To find out more about Sugar Strip Ease and where you can buy it – as well as to watch our simple user guide video, click here.

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