Sugaring Leg Hair

Over 89% of British women surveyed by Premium Beauty News removed unwanted hair from their legs in the last year.

If you are one of them, you might be wondering whether to try sugaring leg hair instead of waxing, shaving or using chemical-packed depilatory creams.

Sugaring leg hair is, we believe, the best way to get a smooth, silky finish, without harming your skin or the environment. Better still, Sugar StripEase is certified Cruelty Free by BUAV, so you know that none of our simple, effective products are ever tested on animals.

So, where do you start? Once you’ve bought your Sugar StripEase, you are well on the way.

Simply heat the jar in a microwave for 60 seconds – it will attain a honey-like consistency. The jar then retains the heat so that you have plenty of time to apply the product to the areas you wish to blitz.

Then smooth the pliable paste onto skin using the spatula, and press the strips over the sugar, then whisk off the fabric strip to reveal ultra-smooth skin underneath. (You can then wash the strips to reuse, in future.).

While Sugar StripEase has only two ingredients – sugar syrup and water – we always recommend using a patch test. We also recommend that anyone using the products reads the instructions in full. These can be downloaded here.

Or watch our simple step by step video here:

Want to know more about the UK’s hair removal habits?

According to hair removal facts from research by Premium Beauty News, here is the breakdown:

  • 89% of women remove hair from their legs
  • 85% remove hair from their underarms
  • 62% from their pubic region
  • 16% removing hair from their arms
  • 8% from the feet
  • 4% from the chest
  • 3% from their bottom
  • 2% from their back.

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