Sugaring at Home

We are often asked whether you can use sugaring at home to remove unwanted hair from legs, face, bikini area – anywhere in fact. And of course, the answer is yes. Sugaring at home is one of the cleanest and simplest methods of hair removal available.

Many people are first introduced to sugaring through a beauty salon, but with Sugar StripEase, you can feel the benefits of a 100% natural method of hair removal at home, at a fraction of the price.

What’s so great about sugaring at home with Sugar Strip Ease?

·         Because our product is 100% natural (with just two ingredients, sugar syrup and water) there are no messy chemicals to worry about.

·         Just as simple as waxing at home, which many people have tried – but easier to remove the residue – just a warm wet flannel or a simple shower

·         It’s easy – really easy. As well as the step by step instructions included with the product, you can use our simple video (below) to get smooth, silky, hair free skin first time!


In the ongoing debate about the best way to remove unwanted hair from our bodies, we still believe sugaring has the edge. Particularly with our Sugar StripEase product, 100% natural and certified Cruelty Free.

If you’ve read enough to give sugaring a try  click here to find a local stockist of buy Sugar StripEase online

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