• "I have finally tried your product! I used it on my face and am happy to say that I found it effective and easy to use."

  • Kaniz

    "I was particularly pleased to find that any traces of wax washed off easily, without having to use oils or cream. Also the swabs came clean by just rinsing in warm water. Congratulations on a great product!"

  • S.B. Hampshire

    "I've been using waxing products now for 30 years and I can honestly say Sugar StripEase was the best product I have ever used - easy to use and relatively pain free compared to many other products I've used. I also love the fact that it has no nasty ingredients. Would highly recommend"

  • Nacera

    "I tried your waxing today that was wonderful really like it."

  • Sweta Sin MU No Soy Nada

    "I tried the product last weekend and was very impressed. It was so quick and easy to use, left my skin feeling soft and wasn't messy at all. It definately stands out from the rest of the stuff in the market currently."

  • "Good price, Removes hair quickly and efficiently, Smells yummy"

  • "After several good, bad and ugly experiences with hair removal products, I now regularly use this product"

  • "The sugaring pot looks like a jar of molasses and smells edible too. "More effective at removing hair than the wax strips. - My verdict: Good value for money"

  • "A sugar-gloop Middle Eastern alternative to wax. Effective, and less painful than wax” “So very sweet: How to get the best from a good product."

  • "Very good and easy to use, so much cheaper and convenient than going to a salon, and if you are a little clumsy like me simple soap and water will remove it even from carpets!!"

  • "Having seen your advertisement in Top Sante I thought I would give Strip Ease a go. I received my order about 24 hours later."

  • "I do wish you had marketed this product 20 years ago it would have made the whole business a lot easier. It is so quick and painless with no need to go over the same areas over and over."

  • Wendy

    "Great product and great service. Well Done and Good Luck."

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