• Makeup and Mutts

    "This was my first experience with waxing at home, and I must say this product is really easy to use!"

    "I also tried this product on man legs.. yes, I got a male volunteer. It completely removed every single hair from the spot I applied it, we were both impressed."

  • Vegan Beauty Review

    "Lo and behold, all of the hair came off! This stuff is fo real"

  • Beauty Bets

    "Verdict: Sugaring is pretty awesome for summer shorts weather and, at only $20 a jar for three applications, so much cheaper than professional waxing. Win!"

  • Caring Cosmetics

    "Heaven in a jar! This is honestly the best waxing product I have ever tried, and I've been through a lot of them."

    "..Other than that I am totally in love with Sugar StripEase and I wish I had bought it sooner as I would have saved myself a lot of money and trips to the salon!"

  • Make Up Picnic

    "Sugar StripEase is something I have repurchased as it's the most gentle sugar/wax product I've come across...."

    "Once I've finished I find my skin doesn't get so red and bumpy as it would do when using normal wax."

    "..my current favourite hair removal product."

    "I find it more effective, lasts longer and re-growth seems to be finer on certain leg area"

  • Obsessive Much?

    "Definitely a 10 out of 10 from me!!"

  • Roxy Mac Loves

    "The packaging was lovely! Pink and girly, really nice"

    "Overall I’m really happy with this product"

  • Forty Flirty Fabulous

    "I usually don’t have luck with at home waxing kits, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one!"

    "I think this is a great product at a good price!"

  • The Beauty Cheer

    "This has got to be one of the best products I've tried in a while."

    " ..it really beats an expensive trip to the salon! It works exactly the same as wax but it's actually a sugar syrup"

  • MakeUp Love with Monique Jaye

    "The first thing that I noticed was the gorgeous packaging. When you open the box there is the cutest pink bow on the lid."

    "My overall opinion is that this product is awesome! I love that it's vegan and the packaging is beautiful. The fragrance of the Sugar Strip Ease is not overwhelming and my #1 thing about this product is that it Did Not irritate my sensitive skin."

  • Natalie Loves Beauty

    "I have tested it both on my legs and underarms and it truly works like a charm. If you are someone who prefers waxing to shaving or have never tried waxing before, this product is a really great option!"

  • She's Looking At The Stars

    "I found that Sugar StripEase was less painful than the cold wax strips that I usually use....."

    "I also found that Sugar StripEase didn’t leave my legs looking red or with as many red dots as I get from regular wax."

    "Overall I feel that this product is awesome and I will definitely be purchasing this again."

  • Emerald Eyeliner

    "I did a half leg 'wax' with this, knees down, and found it easy to use and really effective."

    "It didn't irritate my skin or leave a rash or redness of any kind."

    "..found it easy to use and really effective"

    "The packaging is cute"

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