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Photo of Rosie and Hafiz creators of Sugar StripEase and Sugaring Hair Removal Experts

We’re Rosie and Hafiz Khandwala, sugaring hair removal experts and we created Sugar StripEase after years of experience in the hair removal world. We were the first to introduce Strip Sugar into the UK and Europe before any of the other major brands. In fact, we created the original sugaring hair removal product for The Body Shop, which for many years was a global bestseller. Now we’ve fast-forwarded the art of sugaring for today. We’ve listened to what women want, and devised this new sugaring paste with the optimum blend of pure sugar syrups for easy application – and quick, ‘ouch-free’ removal. Although sugaring might seem a simple concept, nobody knows better than we do that it’s absolutely vital to get the perfect balance of ingredients, in order to deliver just the right consistency to do the job gorgeously… And because the end result of sugaring is so sensual – what could be sexier than ultra-smooth skin? – we wanted to create a product with extra va-va-voom and glamour. So we know you’ll enjoy Sugar StripEase. (And so will anyone who touches your body…)

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