Natural Hair Removal Methods

When it comes to hair removal, as with any kind of skin care, we look for natural solutions that are kinder to our skin.

By choice, we prefer natural hair removal methods to those including harsh chemicals or other ingredients that will irritate our skin.

Hair removal creams are packed with chemicals, so for most people who are really concerned about the products they use on their skin, these are a big red flag.

Shaving doesn’t use chemicals, but can scratch and irritate skin and hair follicles – and is very much not suited to facial hair removal.

Waxing is often better than shaving, but can leave a sticky residue  – and as the wax attached to the skin more than the hair, can also cause irritation.

That leaves sugaring, which is, of course, our preferred product. But remember, not all sugaring products are equal – many contain lemon juice, which can irritate skin that should just be soft, smooth and beautiful.

Natural Hair Removal Methods? Sugar StripEase is 100% Natural – Guaranteed

Sugar StripEase offers 100% natural hair removal, guaranteed, with a wide range of extra benefits:

·         100% natural ingredients, no resins or chemicals

·         Our specialist blend of sugar syrup and water provides the gentlest and smoothest natural hair removal

·         Sugar Strip Ease causes no damage to skin as it attaches to the hair rather than the skin

·         Our natural formulation has skin softening qualities

·         Traditionally, sugaring products were blended with lemon juice. However, Sugar StripEase is formulated without the lemon juice to avoid any risk of skin irritation. This leaves the skin with the same smooth finish as with any other sugaring product.


All our packaging is recyclable and we led the market with the introduction of reusable waxing strips.


We offer the only hair removal product that is approved for use by the Vegan Society.

Certifed Cruelty Free

Neither Sugar StripEase nor our suppliers test any of our products or ingredients on animals. We don’t just claim to be cruelty free, we have been BUAV (now renamed Cruelty Free International) certified since 1989 and have maintained their standards for the last two decades. We are proud to display the Leaping Bunny logo which is the only proof of certified Cruelty Free status [link to(

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