Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal which has been tried-and-tested by women over thousands of years. In Eastern cultures such as India, Africa and the Orient), the art is passed down from mother to daughter. In these traditions, the ritual of hair removal is strictly observed for hygiene purposes – and sugaring is used on every zone of the body, effectively tackling even the darkest hair. What makes Sugar StripEase special? Sugar StripEase is a new twist on an ancient product, featuring the optimum blend of pure sugar syrups for absolute ease of application and easy, fast, pain-free hair removal.


Simply heat the jar in a microwave for 60 seconds. The jar then retains the heat so that you have plenty of ‘playtime’ to apply the product to the areas you wish to blitz. Then smooth the pliable paste onto skin using the spatula, and press the strips over the sugar, then whisk off the fabric strip to reveal ultra-smooth skin underneath. (You can then wash the strips to reuse, in future.). You can watch the instructional video here or download our instructional leaflet.

WILL I STILL GET in-grown hairs with sugar stripease?

No you will not. Unlike most hair removal systems, Sugar StripEase eliminates the risk of in-grown hairs, because regrowth will always be in its natural direction.

what about the problem of stinging which i have experienced with sugaring before?

Traditionally, sugaring products were blended with lemon juice. However, Sugar StripEase is formulated without the lemon juice to avoid any risk of skin irritation. This leaves the skin with the same smooth finish as with any other sugaring product.


It does….. but it smells great! Being made from just sugar and water with no chemicals or additives, the product has that wonderfully natural syrupy smell to it.

i’ve read a lot about ‘hair-minimising products’. shouldn’t i be using those?

The good news is that if sugaring (as opposed to other forms of hair removal) is started early, it actually helps to diminish hair growth so that future treatments are needed, as we get older. So if you like, sugaring is the original hair-minimising’ product!

how long does a sugar stripease jar last?

It depends on which body parts you are using the product on, but we estimate that a jar should do about three pairs of half legs. If you are just using it for eyebrows, underarms other smaller areas it will of course last for quite a few treatments.

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