• What are the Differences Between Sugaring and Sugar Waxing

    sugaring and sugar waxing?   In both cases, the primary ingredient is sugar. However, the main difference is that sugaring pastes are made to different consistencies with varying added ingredients.   Sugaring is a technique. The sugaring paste is applied by hand to the area and removed by flicking the paste. This is mostly practised … Continued

  • Eco Friendly Hair Removal

    Eco-Friendly hair removal As consumers become better educated they have become more conscious of finding eco-friendly hair removal solutions. However, this isn’t always as straight forward as it seems. At Sugar StripEase we keep it simple from our ingredients to our packaging. There are a few elements of a product that make it eco-friendly. We … Continued

  • Janey Lee Grace Sugar StripEase

    Janey Lee Grace discusses the various benefits of, and the story behind Sugar StripEase. Janey is is an English singer, author, television presenter and radio disc jockey. She has also become a leading proponent and authority and natural beauty. Having authored her books; Imperfectly Natural Woman: Getting Life Right the Natural Way and Look Great Naturally…Without Ditching the Lipstick. … Continued

  • Rosie Khandwala’s Sugar StripEase Show Demos

    Sugar StripEase’s Co-Founder Rosie Khandwala performs live demonstrations at the 2011 Clothes Show Live. She invited audience members up onto the stage to discover the benefits of Sugar StripEase. Rosie’s background in sugaring goes back to her childhood growing up in northern Tanzania. Sugaring was was first beauty treatment her, her sisters and her cousins … Continued

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