Does Sugaring Thick Hair Work?

Sugaring is undoubtedly one of the most natural and least harmful hair removal methods available today – and sugaring thick hair is just as effective as on fine hair.

In fact, we believe that sugaring thick hair is the best way to get rid of it.

  • Shaving is all very well, but can damage delicate skin and causes nicks and bumps – and where hair is thick (and often dark), regrowth is sharp, itchy and can be very unsightly.
  • Hair removal creams can contain between 20 and 30 individual chemical ingredients – but with thick hair, you tend to have to leave the product on your skin for longer than the usual recommended time. Imagine what all those chemicals are doing to your skin in that time!
  • Waxing products can contain harmful chemicals and residue can often only be removed with astringent lotions or mild solvents.

So sugaring thick hair really is the best approach to keep your legs and other areas soft smooth and hair free.

But be careful, not all sugaring products are as simple and as natural as Sugar StripEase.

With just two natural ingredients – sugar syrup and water – you really won’t find another product that offers such a simple solution to the problems of excess body hair. It’s not just the most natural method – it’s also the gentlest and leaves the smoothest results!

And once you’ve finished with Sugar StripEase, all you have to do is wash any residue away with warm water. Simple. Even for very thick hair.

So if you are wondering whether sugaring thick hair works, then your answer is very firmly yes, click here to find a local stockist of buy Sugar StripEase online.

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